The Establishment of TUDEV
Turkish Maritime Education Foundation

Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV) is a non-profit private organization which was established by 52 founder members in 7th January 1993, in Istanbul in accordance with the Civil Law requirements and decision dated 7 Jan 1993 and numbered E:1992/619 & 1993/1. According to national law, all the revenue of the foundation are to be used for the purposes of foundation’s activities.


Article 3. The Objectives of Foundation:

  » To assist Turkish Shipping industry to reach the level of developed countries
  » To create policies in maritime industry in order to improve the economic power, welfare and efficiency of our country
  » To study or assist to be studied necessary subjects to determine the objectives
  » To establish and operate private education and training centres in order to train seafarers (Officers and Ratings) who will serve and contribute for Turkish Maritime industry.
  » To assist exist maritime education institutions to improve in terms of facilities, equipment, education, training.

In order to achieve its objectives, The Foundation;
  1. Establishes and operates maritime schools. (College-University level)
  2. Establishes and operates maritime high schools
  3. When the foundation has sufficient financial power and the board of trustees consider appropriate, establishes Maritime University.
  4. Endeavors the improve the private education organizations which are established and operated by the Foundation.
  5. Hires volunteer teachers, academicians from otherl schools or if necessary from abroad in order to meet the academic staff requirements for its schools.
  6.  Contributes the improvement of maritime schools (government or private) located in Turkey
  7. Promotes the unity and solidarity among different maritime education organizations
  8. Establishes and operates pre-school, primary school, foreign language school, international school when needed.
  9. Establishes and operates vocational trainings in different areas
  10. Bring the technological innovations to Turkey by cooperateing with other maritime education organizations abroad
  11. Establishes and operates foreign language courses, University preparation courses, vocational courses when it is not possible to establish school or when needed
  12. Receives donations or loans from private entities provided that permission is granted by related organizations
  13. Publishes several books, journals, etc about maritime by granting permission from authorities. Builds up a library as well as assists to others who builds a library, or writes a book.
  14.  Provides scholarships in Turkey or abroad to graduates from maritime schools. For the fees of commercial enterprises of foundation is partly or fully sponsored for students by the foundation. The amount of scholarships will be decided in accordance with the Scholarships Social Assistance Regulation which is established and issued by the foundation.
  15. Organizes seminars, briefings, conference or similar meetings to protect our maritime culture and heritage of art and improve these activities, as well as provides real assistance or financial aid for real persons and legal entities.
  16. Cooperates with other foundations which have similar objectives established in Turkey or abroad. Establishes private companies according to the objectives of foundation, participates in the ones already established.
  17. Involves in art and cultural activities related to maritime.
  18. Promotes advertisement of our country in education.
  19. Provides accommodation for some of the managers and/or academicians/teachers who are engaged in foundation’s education ogranizations by purchasing or renting.
  20. Provides banquets or parties and gives award for the academicians/teachers who are engaged in foundation’s education ogranizations in important days.
  21. Endeavours and organizes prize competitions for introducing maritime education schools which trains seafarers and making it attractive
  22. Endeavours standardization in a modern level among several maritime educations schools by means of a ‘Maritime Education Council’ which is to be set up within the foundation.
  23. Provides real assistance or financial aid (moral and material support) for the seafarers who are involved in sea accidents or their families, provided that the decision of  Board of Directors is granted.
  24. Supports all types of sports (Especially sea sports), organizes trips, camps, establishes dormitories, cooperates with others which are involved in similar activities.
  25. Provides support in different subjects for successful students who do not have financial power, in a ratio of minimum %10 of capacity.
  1. Erol Yılmaz AKÇAL
  2. Necdet AKSOY
  3. Zühtü ARKAN
  4. Ömer Pekin BARAN
  5. Selahattin BEYAZIT
  6. Ferit BÄ°REN
  7. Süleyman BURSALIOÄžLU
  9. EÅŸref Mehmet CERRAHOÄžLU
  10. Ä°rfan CERRAHOÄžLU
  11. Sait CERRAHOÄžLU
  12. Metin ÇOLAK
  13. Erkan DERELÄ°
  14. Burhan DEVAL
  15. Adil GÖKSU
  16. Ä°lker GÜLFÄ°DAN
  17. Asaf Ä°rfan GÜNERÄ°
  18. Mustafa Ä°NANDI
  19. Ahmet Bedri Ä°NCE
  20. Ahmet Hicri Ä°NCE
  21. Bekir Sıtkı KALKAVAN
  22. Çetin Kaya KALKAVAN
  23. Halis KALKAVAN
  24. Nevzat KALKAVAN
  25. Sefer KALKAVAN
  26. Åžadan KALKAVAN
  27. Cengiz KAPTANOÄžLU
  28. Engin KAPTANOÄžLU
  29. Merey Gündüz KAPTANOÄžLU
  30. Turgut KAPTANOÄžLU
  31. Selahattin Levent KARAÇELÄ°K
  32. Yılmaz KARAHANOĞLU
  33. Polat KURT
  34. Metin LEBLEBÄ°CÄ°OÄžLU
  36. Bahri METE
  37. Halim METE
  38. Fuat MÄ°RAS
  39. Ahmet Faik ÅžEKERCÄ°
  40. Cemal ÅžEKERCÄ°
  41. Hıdır SELEK
  42. Hüseyin Hüsnü ŞİŞMANYAZICIOÄžLU
  43. Hasan Selim SOHTORÄ°K
  44. Hüseyin Semih SOHTORÄ°K
  45. Hilmi SÖNMEZ
  46. Oksan TOKMAK
  47. Eser TÜMEN
  48. Muharrem Faruk ÜRKMEZ
  49. Recep Sami YAZICI
  50. Ali YENÄ°DÜNYA
  51. Erol YÜCEL
  52. Ömer Yusuf ZAÄ°MOÄžLU

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