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Our Services

  • Supporting activities intended for training qualified seafarers to improve Turkish shipping
  • Establishing and operating TUDEV Cesme Yacht Master Training Centre and training qualified yacht masters
  • Establishing T.C. Pîrî Reis University (The 1st University with Maritime-themed)
  • Establishing TUDEV Career Planning Commercial Enterprise and operating as a professional Crew Manning Agent to provide qualified seafarers (Officers & Ratings) and graduates from the courses related maritime business or naval engineering (ashore) for Turkish and international shipping companies.
  • Providing scholarship support to students and assisting  maritime education organizations to improve (Maritime High Schools, Maritime Colleges, Maritime University) 
  • Supporting Turkish Cadets who are in need of executing onboard training by means of T/S SAMSUN Training Ship which is under the management of TUDEV.
The Activities to Support Maritime Education

Notably İ.T.Ü. Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty, then other maritime institutions located below are provided with material and nonmaterial support by Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV); Dokuz Eylül University Maritime Faculty, Karadeniz Teknik University, Zirve University, Anatolian Maritime High Schools (Simulators, Equipments-Materials, Dormitory, Library, Classroom, etc). Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV) is going to continue to provide such supporting activities for MET Institutions


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