Our Services

  To supply the best man-power, starting with Turkish seafarers but also including multi-national crew who are well trained and certified in accordance with the STCW 2010 standards, professional and high-class for the needs of all Turkish and foreigner ship-owner companies,

​  To assist and guide in seafarers’ training,

​  To represent foreigner shipping companies in terms of crew management in Turkey,

​  Besides, to wok coordinately with PÎRÎ REÄ°S University (maritime-themed) which is established by Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV) in 2008, and assist the cadets or graduated officers of the University to work with the top-class shipping companies all over the World.


How Does TUDEV Career Planning Work? 

TUDEV Career Planning Commercial Enterprise was established under the Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV), in order to provide service for seafarers and international shipping companies, companies which operate in maritime industry in March, 2015.

The objectives of TUDEV Career Planning;

​  To supply the qualified seafarers for shipping companies all over the world,

​  To supply the best man-power for the maritime industry, (Shipyards, Ship Management Companies, Yacht Marinas and Mega-Yachts, Ports, Mechatronics, etc.)

​  To assist and guide seafarers and other people who work in maritime industry,

​  To assist marine students and provide mentoring for their career.



For SEAFARERS : The seafarers who are willing to work with our company, and be employed through our system should first sign up with our website and fill up the CV form without any missing information. Seafarers who become member to our system will be able to apply vacancies online at any time without filling up the application form for each application.

Our members’ CVs will be also matched with the appropriate job postings by TUDEV Career Planning. 

The language of application forms is English. Applicants must have an adequate level of English. One of the most important objectives of TUDEV Career Planning is to bring together the best qualified seafarers and shipping companies all over the world. 

Seafarers are not requested to pay any commission to our company for crew placement service

Note: It is highly recommended that CV must be filled up in full. Otherwise, application forms will not be considered and included in our system. .


For COMPANIES : Companies which are in need of professional and high-class seafarers can cooperate with TUDEV Career Planning. Our company will evaluate your request according to the fleet particulars and needs, thereafter we will quickly return your e-mail or calls.

QUALITY and Customer Satisfaction always comes in the first place for our company.

TUDEV Career Planning is ready to cooperate with your esteemed company to continue the operations safely without compromising on the quality of our service we provide. 

Our company holds ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate. (Issued by AJA REGISTRARS-UKAS)


You may contact us at any time for any enquiries or request more information.

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